MP3: Bobby FKN White (@UUHipHop) feat. @_Whokairs_ - Bust Your Brain
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MP3: Bobby FKN White (@UUHipHop) feat. @_Whokairs_ – Bust Your Brain

Initially, there was never any intention for Underground Unheard to release a single (or two) from the album ‘Singles & Wrinkles‘. Once Bobby FKN White made the announcement about the album drop, he received much radio & newspaper recognition, causing the public to eventually ask for previews.

Undergroud Unheard heard the people & gave them what they wanted. “Bust Your Brain” is the second single off the 3.21.2016 release ‘Singles & Wrinkles‘, consisting of many UU crew members including two UU producers who actually rap on the track.

The triumphant beat hits hard & is laced with scratches by DJ Appaloosa. The track delivers true indie Hip-Hop qualities reminiscent of a late 1990’s sound & is a great example of
the diverse styles of UU.

Bust Your Brain” was taken from the series; “Weekly B-Sides @ The Safe House” and was produced, written, recorded, & mixed/mastered in less than ten hours.