MP3: 'Blkkkout' By Wasiu (@AfroWasiu)

MP3: 'Blkkkout' By Wasiu (@AfroWasiu)

The walls seem to be closing in on 24-year-old rapper Wasiu as the haunting production by HESK & Paveun scrapes and screams through the corridors while the Montreal native unleashes an onslaught of rage and frustration on "Blkkkout." In honor of Black History Month, Wasiu overpowers the prejudices he's faced with, crashing through speakers with or without a formal invitation.

Wasiu explains:

"The double entendre is to keep blacks out. So the reaction is to blackout against them wanting to keep the blacks out of their terrain. We're not happy, we're not happy accepting the limited freedom, and the limited rights."

Wasiu is young, but he speaks with a wisdom beyond his years. "Blkkkout" follows Wasiu's fiery "Stereo Type" single. As the son of first generation Haitian and Nigerian parents growing up in Montreal, Wasiu used a combination of his own experiences and general stereotypes to spit racist lyrics from the first person perspective of a racist white man. Prior to "Stereo Type," Wasiu shared his first video single, "Physical," which was produced by Kaytranada.

"Where I grew up made it so I'm able to understand things or view things from a lot of different perspectives," says Wasiu, who raps with the dexterous singsong cadence of Mos Def and the cultural omniscience of Nas. His forthcoming debut album funnels his life experiences into a culturally defining opus that balances both optimistic and pessimistic perspectives on human themes. "I'm showing what people view as both the good and the bad," he says, "and how without the bad, you can't have the good, and so you start to appreciate the bad... for the good."

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