MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) - Recky [#CanYouSeeIt]
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MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) – Recky [#CanYouSeeIt]

Ben’s most hard hitting release this year, in which he responds to J Hus’you can’t eat pum pum and try draw my zoot” while simultaneously touching on the issue of skin tone in the Black community; the beat, produced by Ben’s fellow TNGR comrade & long time collaborator Cyrus, will make you bob your head without intending to. From start to end Ben MURDERS this beat “thinking ’bout my dreams I wonder if I can afford ’em, pray to God that looking at the price is not my portion“. Every verse is filled with lines to make you do the surprised emoji face, like when Ben uses one simile to tell you he will end winning in life AND let you know he thinks female rapper Ms. Banks is sexy, all in one cheeky line. Ben Ridley is a force to be reckoned with.

You can give the press release/one sheet for this track here plus you can peep the lyrics on!!!