MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) feat. @ShoShallow » Women's Walls, Part 2 2
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MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) feat. @ShoShallow » Women’s Walls, Part 2

Ben Ridley, the 23-year-old rapper from South London, England, returns with part two of “Women’s Walls” this time accompanied by Sho Shallow (of Brixton rap duo Adz & Shallow). The track elegantly touches on the pressure put on women in today’s society to look good & find a man fast, the lyrics from both rappers are very witty & entertaining held together by a melodic chorus performed by Ben. The track climaxes with a switch up that feels like dessert for your ears.

Ben Ridley [Photo Artwork]

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