MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) feat. @Abigail_Kwakye – For The Gods

MP3: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) feat. @Abigail_Kwakye - For The Gods

TNGR's Ben Ridley gives us a cool & highly spiritual feeling track with "For The Gods" in which the track features some soothing vocals from singer Abigail Kwakye which really put you in a euphoric mood when listening. This song is very different from his previous releases this year "SuperLoner" & "The Field" yet they all feel as if they are part of a journey in Ben's mind, the subject matter on all three tracks vary vastly which is so rare these days in artists these days; it seems as if Ridley is really looking to get things off his mind as opposed to following trends.

Ben says these tracks will not be on his yet-to-be released project 'Things I've Been Wanting To Tell You' but they are part of an expressive series called '#CanYouSeeIt'. Fellow TNGR artist/producer Cyrus took this track to another place with the instrumental which is at first smooth & vibey then transitions effortlessly into a hard-hitting beat that Ben raps over with some crazy metaphorical lyrics; Ridley has been very consistent & generous in releasing music this year and at the same time he seems to be increasing in confidence as an artist & reaching new levels of quality.

Ben is expressing himself in very original ways making it clear that his range is wide when it comes to creativity, subject matter, & style, the lyrics throughout this song are truly amazing.

Ben says that the song was written:

"To express how even though we as human beings are all kind of blindly finding our way through life, we have immense power and potential on a god level, I really think we all are gods most religions will tell you we're made in God's image so it's not a crazy thing to say.

I also wanted to raise our collective self-image as a community, that's why I said: with my hoodie up I think I look like Jesus Christ. That whole verse serves a purpose I want to gas the listener up to see him/herself in a certain way, because when they create those perfect public figures: superheroes, celebs, & all of that; it's not often we can see ourselves in them."

These aren't the type of things you might expect to hear from an artist only 24 years-old & from an area in South London notorious for gang violence. It's clear that Ben has a lot to express via his creative work & it is even clearer that the South London artist is determined to get it all out in the open for the people.