MP3: 'Bam Bam' By @ALBeBACK feat. @HassanKhaffaf, @MalikYusef, & #StylesP (@TheRealStylesP)

MP3: 'Bam Bam' By @ALBeBACK feat. @HassanKhaffaf, @MalikYusef, & #StylesP (@TheRealStylesP)

"I started out with the idea of wanting to make a song go from really warm to ghostly cold. As myself & Hassan started our recording process, I believe it took me 30 minutes for my verse to show up.

Hassan takes my verse and drops the temp a lil bit with his fresh out the fridge cold verse. Then I knew we had something.

Malik Yusef had an original verse on it but when we looked at it over, we needed to get colder. So Hassan kinda stripped the music and made the beat stand outside with her bikini on in the middle of winter.

The power in Malik's bars led us to another level, a cold I don’t think anyone else could reach outside of my good friend Styles P. Not to mention Chuck E on the chorus. I love this record. '#TheALBum' is coming soon." -ALBe BACK