MP3: Alexis Nicole (@TheAlexisNicole) – All About It

MP3: Alexis Nicole (@TheAlexisNicole) - All About It

Growing up in the center of all great musical stories – the church in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia – Alexis Nicole may have started her musical career in the same vein as most but she won't end up like most. Artists can be made. Legends are born. Singer-songwriter Alexis Nicole is proof of the latter. Her music career & journey are a starting testament to the greatness that is to come.

The brilliant singer-songwriter has made an impact on not only new talent, but on respected industry insiders such as former Aftermath artist, Truth Hurts. "I've never seen someone so young, so motivated, multi-talented and just really ready to take the game by storm." Demanding respect as a female artist, Alexis' talent is duly noted by music industry veterans. "She's about to come take over and show how females need to dominate the game way more than we do and I'm just proud to know her," Truth revealed about her connection to Alexis. "I'm just inspired by her and I thank God I met her because she actually raised my game like twelve notches as long as I've been in the game."

"I've been new to the music industry and working with her has been great. She's helping me write my music and she just took it to a whole other level," WNBA's Angel McCoughtry expressed about the gifted artist. "She has experience; she knows the music industry like the back of her hand. She's helped me go so far in a short amount of time." Alexis Nicole has been afforded great opportunities to work with some great artists, and has recently begun preparing for the release of her latest EP.