MP3: @_iLLustrious_ (@Just_Bishop @MusicByMeRCY @SeeFrvncis @KoJazz) » I'll Be Sure

MP3: @_iLLustrious_ (@Just_Bishop @MusicByMeRCY @SeeFrvncis @KoJazz) » I'll Be Sure

MeRCY, Bishop, KoJazz, & See. Francis (of iLLustrious Music Group) unite to structure this smooth summertime aura record that will be sure to provide the livest of vibes to every pool party & BBQ alike. With sounds composed by E. Mishene, the beat is equipped with a vintage drum break & bassline that make hearts beat & contains a classic sample from Al B. Sure's "Nite & Day" that will have every pool flooded with women. Applying their own unique styles & perspectives, as they charmingly describe their ideal description of the "Perfect Woman".

You can peep highlight lines from the track below:

"Want it slow then fast, until she pop a blood vassal..." -MeRCY

"I know how to pick 'em, know Bishop know how to get the Queen..." -Bishop

"Nights at The W is why, I'm forgetting my EX..." -KoJazZ

"That's all gold everything, down to the rubbers..." -See. Francis