Mopac Audio Debuts True Crime Podcast, ‘An Absurd Result’, New First Hand Account Of Case Exposing Issues With Today’s Legal System

Mopac Audio Debuts True Crime Podcast, 'An Absurd Result', New First Hand Account Of Case Exposing Issues With Today's Legal System

Mopac Audio debuts true crime podcast, “An Absurd Result”, new first hand account of case exposing issues with today’s legal system.

Mopac Audio–a subsidiary of the leading, independent Austin-based production company Megalomedia–today announced a new true crime podcast, “An Absurd Result”. In this seven-part series, host and University of Montana journalism professor Jule Banville unravels the shocking case of assault survivor Linda Tokarski Glantz and wrongfully convicted Jimmy Bromgard. Available October 27th on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts, “An Absurd Result” will feature first-hand stories and experiences from both Glantz and Bromgard alongside Banville’s deep research and interviews of those involved, including more recent developments revealed in the series. Listeners can hear the official trailer now below.

What happened with Linda is that she changed. She went from never talking openly about what happened to her, even through all the twists, to answering every question and wanting listeners of this podcast to know everything,” says host Jule Banville, who met Linda in 2015 and has been thinking about how to tell her story ever since.

“An Absurd Result” chronicles the fallout after a Billings, Montana, home invasion and sexual assault. In 1987, a man broke into Linda’s house through a bathroom window. She was 8. There were seven home during the attack, but the man left without being caught. The investigation led to a rushed conviction of 18-year old Jimmy Bromgard, who had a minor criminal history. After serving nearly 15 years in prison, Bromgard was exonerated through the Innocence Project. Twelve years after he walked out, a new sample in the criminal DNA database hit on someone else arrested on a drug charge. The podcast investigates the problems with prosecuting a man whose DNA explicitly places him in Linda’s bedroom during the assault.

Mopac Audio wants to give listeners compelling podcasts as told by the people who are most closely connected to the stories. In this case, we are immensely proud of Linda’s courage and resilience as well as Jule’s indefatigable work,” states Jonathan Beal, General Manager of Mopac Audio. “Together they have combined to deliver a series that will both rivet audiences and hopefully compel the legal system to close a glaring loophole.”

The podcast investigates how this shocking crime and its legal twists expose larger problems in the criminal justice system, specifically when the push to test the backlog of rape kits meets states’ laws and the statutes of limitation for their case. It illustrates what happens when an old case with new evidence goes through the legal system, and how a solvable crime with irrefutable evidence can fall through the cracks.

Building on Mopac’s growing success in the true crime space, “An Absurd Result” follows its highly successful podcast “LISK: Long Island Serial Killer”. The release of this new true crime podcast continues Mopac’s promise to deliver high quality audio content that focuses on in-depth narratives and storytelling. Mopac was created as a subsidiary of Megalomedia, whose mission is to impact and inspire lives by seizing ordinary moments of people discovering a way to improve their reality and strive to do good for those around them.

About Mopac Audio
Mopac Audio is a subsidiary of the leading, independent Austin-based production company, Megalomedia. Mopac Audio draws on its parent company’s production resources while focusing on the development of high caliber audio content. Launched in March 2020, Mopac’s first serial podcast, “LISK: Long Island Serial Killer”, was a Top 25 podcast (Apple Podcasts) and was named numerous “Best Of” lists that same year. Focusing on in-depth narratives as told through first-person accounts, Mopac Audio has quickly gained acclaim for its audio series.

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