Mixtape: 'Remington Steele' By #Rampage (@TheRealRampage)

MP3: '#GimmeTheNight' By #Rampage (@TheRealRampage) 1

Today is the day that Rampage (formerly of Flipmode Squad) makes his comeback!!! Rampage comes with his new mixtape 'Remington Steele' which is inspired by the 80s TV series of the same name.

We seem to be living in an era where a lot of MC's from other eras believe they have to conform to the Lil Wayne-esque style that everyone basically uses now. But Rampage lets the world know that CLASSIC HIP HOP WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Rampage: 'Remington Steele' Mixtape (Tracklisting)

You can stream & download the 'Remington Steele' mixtape below…