Mixtape: Big Bricc » Journey Through The Lower City

Mixtape: Big Bricc » Journey Through The Lower City 1

'Journey Through The Lower City'

What started out as a therapeutic venture, done in times when I was not working on the Underground Realroad album, has now become a full out journey. The 'Journey Through The Lower City' was conceived through my love for Hip Hop and the desire to continue pushing the limits of my creativity. Being my first solo project, the process of putting this together was filled with ups and downs. What makes this project special is the people around me who either creatively or motivationally contributed to the experience. The struggle of making time for music, while dealing with life's hardships, is a constant in my life and is felt throughout this mix-tape.

Big Bricc: Journey Through The Lower City [Mixtape Tracklisting]

The Lower City is a symbol of the Montreal culture and the areas of my upbringing, namely NDG, UPTOWN, The Plateau, and the South Shore. The things I have done and the places I have lived have all been a direct influence on my life and music.

Though this mix-tape ends at track 16, it is certain that the journey has just begun. -Big Bricc

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