Missouri Man Daryl Brian Clemmons Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Missouri Man Daryl Brian Clemmons Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A Missouri man named Daryl Brian Clemmons has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

Earlier this month (10.13.2023 to be exact), a St. Louis man by the name of Daryl Brian Clemmons got into it with a volunteer youth football coach by the name of Shaquille Latimore supposedly because he (Latimore) wouldn’t start his son on the football team.

Unfortunately for Latimore, his dispute with Clemmons ended with him getting shot four times.

Latimore had this to say, “He kept shooting me, man, shot me four more times while I was on the ground, an unarmed Black man, and he shot me four more times.”

Jason Clemmons, Daryl Clemmons’ brother, offered a different perspective on this situation, “When he fell, my brother got the best of him. He asked his friend for the gun back and in the midst of him getting the gun in his hand, our brother shot in self-defense.”

(Jason) Clemmons elaborated with, “It wasn’t over my nephew.”

Lucky for (Daryl) Clemmons, the courts were able to back up part of his brother’s story with, “The victim went on to explain that on the day of the incident, he approached the (defendant) and asked him what was up and pulled his gun out and gave it to someone to hold and that the defendant subsequently shot him multiple times while he was unarmed. A witness who was on the scene at the time of the incident corroborated the victim’s account.”

A witness that chose to stay anonymous had this to say, “They are putting an innocent person in jail. The coach started this.”

The witness added that “He should have stayed on the field.”

The witness then concluded their account with, “Why aren’t you being a coach? You are supposed to be teaching me right from wrong, but you go and do wrong. Does that make sense? No, it don’t.”

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