Michigan Man Joseph Stewart Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Michigan Man Joseph Stewart Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A Michigan man named Joseph Stewart has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

The first Donkey Of The Way of the week is a tragic one to say the least.

Once upon a time a long time ago, a 56-year-old woman named Delia Dinwiddie saw her mother get killed by a vehicle on the intersection of Linwood Street and West Davison Street.

Unfortunately for Dinwiddie, she herself met that same fate a few weeks ago when a pizza delivery driver named Joseph Stewart hit her with his vehicle en route to delivering a pizza.

Ronald Hudgins, Delia’s husband, had this to say…

He could’ve at least stopped, turned around and looked. He just kept going, like she (was) nothing. I just seen her eyes opening and they were putting her in the EMS. That’s the last time I ever seen her.

Detroit Police Commander Rebecca McKay added…

We believe that (the driver) knew that he had hit someone, and he continued his course of travel to finish his delivery.

Ahleche Dinwiddie, Delia’s granddaughter had this to add as well…

She always said she didn’t want to die over here, and she did not want to die like that – and she did both. My grandma watched her mama die at the end of that corner, the same exact way.

Stewart was later tracked down and arrested then charged in nearby Flint and is currently sitting in jail on $100,000 bond at the time of this post.

Hudgins concluded with this statement…

I hope he rots in hell for doing what he did to my wife. He destroyed my whole family.

Ain’t mad at him.

We hope he gets the justice he deserves.

Stewart can spend up to 15 years in prison if he is convicted.

You can give what Charlamagne Tha God had to say on this situation plus drop feedback in the comment box below…

If interested, you can help pay for funeral expenses via GoFundMe

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