Michigan Man Joseph Carl Halder Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Michigan Man Joseph Carl Halder Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A Michigan man named Joseph Carl Halder has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

Joseph Carl Halder, a resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, was a volunteer firefighter for the Whitefish Township Fire Department.

This past Saturday night (11.11.2023) in Chippewa County, Halder was fighting a fire at at building that use to be the location of Ruth’s Gift Shop in downtown Paradise.

Sounds good, right???

The problem with Halder fighting said fire is that he allegedly set the fire himself 🤔

Chippewa County Sheriff Mike Bitnar had this to say, “Chippewa County has amazing first responders, EMS and firefighters. This does not represent the overall volunteer group we have in our county. Then again, if there is somebody posing in amongst those who are there to do good, you have to get those people out.”

With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that Halder has since been arrested and charged with third-degree arson as a result of his actions.

Halder is also currently facing up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine for said crime.

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