Michigan Man Jason Harris Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Killing Wife With Heroin In Her Cereal

Michigan Man Jason Harris Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Killing Wife With Heroin In Her Cereal

Life in prison without the possibility of parole.

That was the verdict handed down to 47-year-old Jason Harris today in a Genesee County courtroom.

Harris is convicted of murdering his wife by putting heroin in her cereal back in 2014.

This is seven years Christy Harris' family has been fighting to get the justice she and their family deserves.

`Harris spoke a few words today before sentencing. He maintained his innocence.

What followed were some stern words from the judge.

"I do respect the decision that you're going to make today with the courts, with myself. I do stand behind my innocence beyond this," said Genesee County Circuit Court Judge David Newblatt

Jason Harris, moments before sentencing, addressing Judge Newblatt and an already emotionally charged courtroom.

Christy Harris' family just a matter of feet behind Harris.

The judge was quick to quash Harris' words.

"You are a murderer, you are a liar, so I want to make that very clear, you are a murderer and you are a liar and the jury saw through all the lies and I see through all the lies," said the judge.

Harris' death was originally ruled an accidental overdose.

But Christy's family knew she never did drugs.

A civil and criminal lawsuit later, and proof from Christy's breastmilk that she was not a drug user, a Genesee County jury convicted Jason Harris of first-degree premeditated murder, solicitation of murder and delivery of a controlled substance causing death.

Christy and Jason had two children together, Haley who is now 12-years-old, and Kaliann, who is now 7-years-old.

"You wanted to get rid of your wife, not to have to pay support, you wanted all the property for yourself, you wanted the money, you didn't want to put up with Ms. Thompson-Harris," said Judge Newblatt.

The judge's words on Friday to Harris were unexpected but appreciated by Christy's family.

"He said everything we wanted to say to Jason's face today, the judge did, so I agree with everything he said and I'm glad he was able to see what we've seen for the last 7 years," said Patricia Hutchinson, Christy's sister.

Certainly a very emotional day for Christy's family.

"I think we're able to grieve and work through the process and have my sister live on in our memories."

ABC12 News spoke with Christy's mother and two sisters. Each of them are processing in their own way, but they are all grateful he will no longer be a threat to anyone going forward.

"I feel now I can move forward and make sure she's resting in peace," said Kathy Mays, Christy Harris' mother.

This sentencing is a day she, her husband and her daughters have waited for for a very long time.

All of them are feeling some sort of sense of relief.

" I felt a sense of it when the verdict came in. But I think I can actually feel it now that I don't have a pending date on the calendar with something related to this issue," said Mays.

47-year-old Jason Harris will be spending the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

One night, his then wife Christy was hungry, so Jason fixed her a bowl of cereal.

The following day she was dead.

That proof was found in Christy's breastmilk showed no traces of illicit substances and would ultimately lead to Harris' arrest and conviction.

"I never would have thought that this would be where our lives would be. I never would have thought Christy would be gone," said Katrina Sharon, Christy's sister.

Christy's other sister, glad that this is the last time they have to see Harris.

"I'm just glad he's gone for good now and that's the last time I'm going to have to see him," Hutchinson.

Christy's mother tells ABC12 News her number one priority now is making sure Christy's kids are taken care of.

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