Michael Strahan On ‘Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls’

Michael Strahan On ‘Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls’

Hall of Famer Michael Strahan joins Kevin Hart to trash talk the Eagles and praise the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on LOL’s “Cold As Balls”.

Today, VannDigital shares this week’s newest episode of “Cold As Balls”—from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud—and featuring Pro Football Hall of Famer and GMA host Michael Strahan.

In the hilarious episode, Strahan gifts Hart with a tiny suit and trash talks the Philadelphia Eagles as he reflects on the transition from the field to the TV.

He also reflects on holding the NFL’s all-time single-season sack record and cautions new NFL players to be wise with the money attached to their contracts.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Strahan shares his opinion on the amount of money attached to the contracts of today’s NFL players compared to back when he was playing, and how important it is for these players to be wise with their finances.
  • Strahan takes his chance to trash talk the Eagles, thanking QB Donovan McNabb for helping him hold the NFL’s all-time single-season sack record.
  • Strahan says the greatest linebacker in the history of the NFL is Lawrence Taylor.
  • Strahan shares his perspective on the current state of the league — including his views on the Giants today, saying: “Right now, we suck!” and it rips his heart out.
  • Strahan reveals that he believes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the organization that is making all of the right moves, specifically with Tom Brady.

Additional upcoming guests include Calvin Johnson, Chloe Kim, Jerry Rice, and The Undertaker.

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