MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) - Montana Lives Forever: The Lost Keys [EP Stream]

MeRCY returns as Tony Montana wreaking havoc with meaning and narrator reliability, flitting from gangster-film intrigue to grimly prosaic reality. 'The Lost Keys' is basically a continuation from 'Montana Lives Forever' EP. As usual, the iLLustrious' sonic auteur, Solidified, provides awesomely dark & eccentric backdrops for the Broward County MC's dark maneuvers, mixing retro samples with horror-film keyboards.

MeRCY - Montana Lives Forever: The Lost Keys [EP Tracklisting]

Features by Big Twins of Infamous Mobb, Bostxn, Rell Burgundy, B. Gordon, & Solidified himself, help supply a strong supporting cast. Thanks to MeRC's imaginative lyricism & Solid's production style, 'The Lost Keys' delivers something cleverly predictable & vital-sounding while keeping Montana's legacy alive.