MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) – The Basement (Prod. @Solidified_) [MP3]

MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) - The Basement (Prod. @Solidified_) [MP3]

With a stomping, piano-freaked backdrop laced by producer Solidified, MeRCY returns as Tony Montana with force on "The Basement". It is the first release off his upcoming project 'Montana Live Forever: The Lost Keys', and it proves to be an anthemic classic that the streets & Hip Hop would respect to this day.

Flaunting a smooth-but-menacing flow, MeRCY's takes it back to the basics with lyricism on "The Basement" as played as a prototypical modern age brag rap. It's a perfect combination of hard-hitting production & classic penmanship. Keeping Montana alive, the record is giving you fair warning for what's to come.

Just a reminder to not go to the basement if you're not ready for the real.