Memphis Bleek: ‘Nas Doesn’t Have Enough Songs To Compete With Jay-Z in VERZUZ’

Memphis Bleek: 'Nas Doesn’t Have Enough Songs To Compete With Jay-Z in VERZUZ'

Former Jay-Z labelmate Memphis Bleek boldly stated that legendary rapper Nas cannot engage in a Verzuz battle with Hov because he doesn’t have enough hits.

Bleek, 43, told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson that he does not believe that Nasir Jones, 47, will be able to engage in a full session because his catalog is not thick enough.

“Nas don’t [sic] have enough songs to compete. And it’s no disrespect to him, he just don’t [sic] – like, he just don’t [sic]. Jay can battle somebody with just his B-side concert catalog and it’ll still be better than some people’s A-side,” Bleek said.

“It would have to be somebody like Big [Notorious BIG, aka Biggie Smalls]. That was his only competition that I’ve ever seen that he even felt that was competition,” Bleek said. “And he knew when they went and did ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ Like, Jay knew that I had to go in the studio with the best-best of me ever because I’m rhymin’ with one of the best from Brooklyn. I’m not gonna let this dude dog walk me on my own record.”

Bleek, 43, also discussed the so-called beef that Jay-Z started with former NBA star Stephon Marbury when he rapped about him in the song “La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again).”

“Don’t confuse me with Marbury out this b—-/Run up on me at the light, you could lose your life,” Jay rapped on the track. Hov was referencing the time that Marbury was famously robbed for his necklace.

“Ain’t no beef,” Bleek clarified. “Something has to happen to somebody for it to be a beef. Remember, Steph is a ballplayer, he’s a good guy. Something happened to you and we rapped about it. It’s cool, get over it. Let it go, man.”

[via RollingOut Magazine]

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