Meet Rahab Mugure Nga'nga, The 33-Year-Old Virgin

Meet Rahab Mugure Nga’nga, The 33-Year-Old Virgin

A Kenyan woman granted an interview in which she said she has maintained her stance as a virgin. Rahab Mugure Nga'nga is among the few women who are still proud of their virginity despite her age.

The 33-year-old commercial service manager has maintained her purity for the last 3 decades and is still going on strong. Rahab said she has kept her virginity because of her religious belief and desire to please her God.

She said:

"I am a born again Christian and I do not want to offend God with sexual sin, sex outside the marriage bond is a sin. I want to have sex, just like the next person, but because I haven't before, it is not a distraction."

She said her eagerness to please her mother and not disappoint her by getting pregnant out of wedlock has made her to continue strong. She revealed that even though she was involved in two serious long term relationships which unfortunately ended badly, she has remained a virgin.

"My first, which lasted two and a half years, ended because our ideals on sexual boundaries clashed. The second, which lasted three years, ended two months to my wedding date."

When asked how she deals with her sexual urges, Rahab said:

"I rush straight home from work and keep my socializing at zero until these winds have passed. I also avoid reading certain books or watch soap operas and I do not kiss or caress men."

Rahab who has graduated with both a Bachelors & Master's Degree in Marketing says even if she turns 50 without getting married, she will remain a virgin and maybe adopt a baby.

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