McGyver “This Is Not A Test” (Video)

McGyver "This Is Not A Test" (Video)

After two major drops with Fredro Starr & Pete Rock, McGyver blasts another final round of heat with grimey punkish vibes on “This Is Not A Test” to officially celebrate the release of his new album ‘Camillionizm’.

The energy of the beat produced by mastermind K-DEF, who has crafted countless classic songs throughout Hip Hop’s Golden Age, takes you back to Double X Posse & Dred Scott as McGyver continuously drops bi-lingual back to back wordplay and tempo switches.

The Madmatic McGyver and 100MAD coming right at your face!!!

McGyver "This Is Not A Test" (Video)

About the ‘Camillionizm‘ album:
Get your version of the ‘Camillionizm’ album today on all digital platforms (including Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon | Deezer | Tidal), vinyl, & CD to discover a new flavor of international rap backed by household names such as Pete Rock, Large Professor (reworking McGyver’s tribute to Nas’ “Halftime” on the song “Hemisphere”), Figub Brazlevic, Fredro Starr (Onyx), Neek the Exotic (Main Source), Craig G, Def P (The first Netherlands emcee to rap in his Dutch native tongue and successfully break all the charts with his crew, Osdorp Posse, starting in the early 90s), and BlabberMouf (Netherlands).