MC Lyte Speaks On DJ Akademiks Calling Hip Hop Pioneers ‘Broke’ & ‘Dusty’

MC Lyte Speaks On DJ Akademiks Calling Hip Hop Pioneers 'Broke' & 'Dusty'

MC Lyte on Janet Jackson, Lil Nas X, and calls DJ Akademiks’ comments about Hip Hop pioneers being “broke” and “dusty” a “disservice”.

MC Lyte, the first female rapper to have a gold-certified single and to receive a Grammy nomination was a guest on SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Clay Cane Show” to promote “Partners In Rhyme”, season 2 which premieres October 13th on ALLBLK which is a part of AMC’s streaming network.

During the interview, she spoke about working with Janet Jackson, Lil Nas X being openly gay, and addressed DJ Akademiks calling hip hop pioneers “dusty” and “broke”.

MC Lyte said she honors Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Melly Mel, Treacherous Three, and many others for paving the way for the artists of today.

The legendary MC Lyte tells host Clay Cane “There’s much more to learn, much more to know – if you’re lucky enough, you get to live this long, right?”

Lyte went on to say that as for Akademiks’ comments, “I think it does a disservice to us as a community to think that way, but I also understand the generation that’s coming up now, everything is the proof, and they want to see the proof, as opposed to feel the proof, or hear the proof. They want to see it. And so I imagine that’s what this particular person was talking about, but needless to say, there are so many other people out there that are willing to share the truth and the history and also understand the value of everyone who has contributed to hip hop, everyone that’s contributed something good.”

Earlier this week, LL Cool J addressed Akademiks, again on Instagram Live, “Let me explain something to you: don’t think just because somebody knows how to get money — or fails to get money — that they didn’t make a contribution to the culture.”

MC Lyte On Janet Jackson, Lil Nas X And DJ Akademiks Calling Hip Hop Pioneers ‘Broke’ And ‘Dusty’:

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