Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Billion Dollar Fight [Mini-Documentary]

Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Billion Dollar Fight [Mini-Documentary]

With all the hype surrounding the so-called "Billion Dollar Fight" which is set to go down on August 26, 2017 on Showtime (check your local listings), fans are choosing their sides and all bets are down as usual. As we already know, Conor McGregor's grudge with Floyd Mayweather Jr. started back in 2016 when Mayweather took the time out to speak on racism in combat sports which resulted in McGregor being rubbed the wrong way about the issue.

Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Billion Dollar Fight [Event Artwork]

This grudge cycle would continue up until a while back (can't remember the exact date, somebody help us out with that one) when it was announced that Mayweather would be coming out of retirement just to fight McGregor. With promos & more going around about this fight, the marketing continues with a promotional mini-documentary on the billion dollar super fight between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor.

As you give this documentary a watch below, The DigiSpot would like to know who your bets are on for this fight: Thumbs up for Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Thumbs down for Conor McGregor...Enjoy the mini-documentary!!!