Maurice Daniel (@MyShoesReece) Is 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

Maurice Daniel (@MyShoesReece) Is 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

"Hiding In Plain Sight is laced with soulful samples, intricate wordplay, and thought piercing yet accessible content and songs. A nine song (37min) journey through ideals vs. reality, moving onward, letting go of what isn't for the possibility of what could be, and what that means.

A journey through past life and the growth that comes afterwards. Evolution from the block to books, and from books to questions.

The dismantling of boxes and bullshit definitions of what faith is. Love lost and the hopes for it's return.

This is two years and two heartbreaks in the making. One giant leap to leave behind loved ones and all I've ever know to go somewhere I've never been.

Stepping away from comfort. Leaving the typical, the naysayers, and the chatter behind to grow into my own man.

The awakening of the mind, the closing of my two eyes, and the opening of my third to see what's real and what's not. Gracefully learning to let go.

Graveyard shifts in a warehouse, Uber driving through the city for studio money, way more craft beer than any one man should ever consume, beautiful moments, lonely nights, beautiful women, road trips with the homies, more firsts than all of my previous years combined, mistakes, painful lessons, wisdom acquired, and some of the dopest music I've ever made in my life. Enjoy..." -Maurice Daniel

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