Matt Maddox feat. Tone Spliff “Free Reign” (Audio)

Matt Maddox feat. Tone Spliff “Free Reign” (Audio)

Matt Maddox featuring Tone Spliff
“Free Reign”
Official MP3 Audio

Veteran rapper Matt Maddox drops his latest single, "Free Reign", featuring cuts by the incomparable Tone Spliff.

The single is a hard-hitting bar fest over menacing production by Nohokai Productions.

This one is for true fans of punchlines and wordplay.

Check out what Matt had to say about it below.

"The track is an all out assault filled with punches and wordplay. The first verse was a flex (unintentionally) utilizing the alphabet in most of the bars with letter combinations associated with my music and references, along with a full 16 running the same rhyme scheme/pattern. The second verse is bars and punchlines showcasing the lyrical ability and vivid imagery of the rhyme style. This also displays various associations from multi-influences." -Matt Maddox