@MathHoffa Claims @AhDiBoom Is @Tsu_Surf's Ghostwriter On @ForbezDVD (@DoggieDiamonds) [Preview]
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@MathHoffa Claims @AhDiBoom Is @Tsu_Surf’s Ghostwriter On @ForbezDVD (@DoggieDiamonds) [Preview]

Doggie Diamonds catches up with Murda Mook & out comes Math Hoffa out of nowhere to challenge Mook face to face to battle. Math Hoffa says a battle against Mook is the most anticipated battle & not Murda Mook vs. Tsu Surf because Tsu Surf has a ghostwriter.

Math Hoffa also claims Ah Di Boom is Tsu Surf’s ghostwriter…Be on the the lookout for the full interview – COMING SOON!!!