Mass Appeal Invites You To ‘Smoke A Blunt’ w/Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Mass Appeal Invites You To 'Smoke A Blunt' w/Hoodrich Pablo Juan

“On the same day that Hoodrich Pablo Juan blessed MASS APPEAL with his first taped freestyle, he also sparked up in our studio for the latest edition of our “Smoke A Blunt” series. The Atlanta rapper opted for a New York delicacy–sour diesel with Backwoods–while sipping what very well might’ve been lean in his double cup.

No stranger to illegal substances, Hoodrich Pablo Juan give us some history on lean and the multitude of soda flavors that serve as ideal mixers. In a similar fashion, Hoodrich approached his first ‘Designer Drugz’ mixtape saying, “I didn’t want to drop an album just being plain. Like a plain bagel with no cream cheese or nothing. Nah, I gotta give you some flavors.”

Check out the smoke sesh in full below.”