Mass Appeal Goes 'Around The World' w/Jadakiss & Fabolous

Mass Appeal Goes 'Around The World' w/Jadakiss & Fabolous

When two great MCs come together they do it for the culture. "It came from us doing these freestyles on Fridays," Fabo remembers of his 'Friday on Elm Street' sessions with Jadakiss. "This project is driven by a message and what we saying."

"I think it was just important for us to do it for the culture," says Jada. "It seems like the bulk of the generation is getting further and further away from strong lyrical content and bring another climate of music in… It ain't even been a project in a minute that makes me hit it back like 'What did he just say?' And you sit back and analyze it. There's not a lot of projects like that."

"I feel like I'm kinda living my dream," says Fabo. "I loved hip hop growing up, and for me to have a career now. Why is that dude upstate better than Jordan? 'I didn't get that break!'"

"Being a rapper is not really a long stint," Jada reflects, "so you've gotta get in and work your avenues. But at the same time you wanna throw your darts and sharpen your skills." Let's go Around the World with Fab and Jada right now.

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