Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown On Truss Levelz Podcast

Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown On Truss Levelz Podcast

We at The DigiSpot share today’s brand new episode of the premiere season of The Players’ Tribune podcast, “Truss Levelz”, with Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan.

Today’s episode features Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown as he sits down with Cam and Mark to share his unique rise to the NFL, and having to work at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California to pay his way through JUCO, as well as playing with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray in back-to-back seasons at Oklahoma. Hollywood also gives the guys the full inside scoop on his gaming skills and tight friendship with Lamar Jackson.

Episode highlights include:

  • Marques jokes that Lamar Jackson’s 94 Madden rating is dragging the rest of the offenses ratings down. “When I saw the rating they had LJ at, I was like it’s over for our team. If he’s at a 94 than we’re definitely all down there.” (1:52-3:20).
  • Marquise talks about living on his own and taking a job at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California to pay his way through JUCO in 2016. “I went up there by myself, rented a room from a lady off Facebook and got a job at Six Flags” receiving no D1 offers out of HS and leaving for California on his own (10:40-12:48).
  • Marquise touches on his friendship with Lamar Jackson before joining the Ravens “Anything I did in college he would write to me saying ‘I see you boy’, he would do something I would go and repost on Twitter. When it came time for the draft I told him to come get me and was like ‘we coming’.” (25:33-27:00).

Upcoming guests on this season of “Truss Levelz” include Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce, Bobby Wagner, George Kittle, Derrick Henry, and more.

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