@MarioValentine – She Will (Prod. @Matt_Shimo) [MP3]

@MarioValentine - She Will (Prod. @Matt_Shimo) [MP3]

The DigiSpot brings to you the world premiere of Mario Valentine's new single, "She Will", which is produced by Matt Shimo (Pro Era, Cory Gunz) and you can give a listen below!!! We also did a recent Q&A with Valentine which you can give a read below…

VannDigital: It's been a minute since our last interview. What's been up with you since then???

Mario Valentine: Wow! It has been a minute. 2014 to be exact LOL, but I've been working discreetly on my project and dealing with life and getting inspired through it all, it hasn't been easy but I've been doing it. I am now a New York resident residing in Brooklyn, and planning the greatness to come throughout 2017!

Knowing that you're a Chris Brown fan, what's your take on his upcoming boxing match with Soulja Boy???

I think it's bullshit TBH. I don't think he should lose focus on what really matters. Because at the end of the day, it's not really worth it. So being that he agreed to actually participate in such foolery is disappointing but however, I will be watching LOL.

What was the inspiration behind your new single "She Will"???

Failed relationships/situationships TBH whoever you're dating and you're fed up, leave them, and they will be alright!

So tell us about The Park Records.

The Park Records is my very own indie label imprint/music collective! It's my territory.

Do you currently have a project in the works & will "She Will" be appearing on it???

YES & Yes! My brand new project, 'TWLG (The Way Luv Goes)', will be here in the very beginning of Spring and I can't wait and before that, "You're Gonna" may be the second single! I'm really hard at this with my small team of Derrick, Tiago, Brandon, and of course myself & God! It's gonna be lit!