Marcierra aka Baby Doll (@Marci_BabyDoll) EPK [Dir. @TCProductionVid]
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Marcierra aka Baby Doll (@Marci_BabyDoll) EPK [Dir. @TCProductionVid]

Marcierra aka Baby Doll EPK

Born in Frankfurt, Germany but raised in Georgia. Im a extrovert, I love fishing, paintballing, mountain climbing, white water rafting, & I love to travel. I truly believe in following your heart and chasing your dreams. I’m a designer and a artist in all fields. One day I’m singing on a stage, next day I’m painting on a mural or your local abandon building walls in the city. Music and songwriting is my passion. I have worked with several celebs living in Atlanta and would say my resume I’m quite proud of. Blazing stages and writing songs and hooks & jingles have become my life and whether I have 3 or 3 million fans expressing myself through music I will continue to do as long as God will allow me. –Marcierra aka Baby Doll

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