Malcolm Jenkins On "Cold As Balls"

Malcolm Jenkins On "Cold As Balls"

Eagles and Saints star safety Malcolm Jenkins tells Kevin Hart he was not allowed on stage as captain after winning Super Bowl 52 on “Cold As Balls”.

We at The DigiSpot share today’s new episode of “Cold As Balls”—from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud—featuring 2x Super Bowl Champion and 3x Pro Bowler, Malcolm Jenkins.

In this episode, Jenkins reveals he was not allowed on stage after the Eagles won Super Bowl 52, despite being captain.

He also stresses how difficult it is to be a safety, especially when playing the Eagles saying, “We’re fighting for our lives!”

You can watch the episode which highlights some of Malcolm's dance moves below!

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • Jenkins recalls not being let on the stage after winning Super Bowl 52 as captain “I was upset” (0:54 - 1:32)
  • Kevin and Malcolm reminisce on seeing each other at Super Bowl 52, and Kevin tells him the whole story about how he finessed his way onto the field (1:33 - 3:41)
  • Jenkins tells Kevin what it’s really like being a safety “To play safety in our league, you gotta have the mindset to literally have amnesia, especially playing Philly. Oh my god, I have seen way too many corners in Philly just get destroyed…We’re fighting for our lives” (5:13 - 5:47)
  • Malcolm shows off his stepping and dance moves to wrap up the interview (12:10 - 12:16)

New episodes of “Cold As Balls” air every Tuesday on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Cold As Balls Facebook page, and Hart’s Facebook page. Upcoming guests include Von Miller, George Kittle, DK Metcalf, and Shaun White.