Mach-Hommy Announces New Album + Authorizes Release Of ‘Notorious Dump Legends’ For Streaming Services

Mach-Hommy Announces New Album + Authorizes Release Of 'Notorious Dump Legends' For Streaming Services

Mach-Hommy announces his new album plus authorizes the release of his 2018 album, ‘Notorious Dump Legends’, for streaming services.

With a deeply cultivated knowing that art isn’t merely commerce, Mach-Hommy has been a trend-setter from the very onset of his career. Ever-elusive, he has rose to prominence with his face always covered and little to no accessibility to press. Arguably, he was the first avant-garde artist to go against the grain by withholding his bodies of work from contemporary digital streaming services, in favor of direct price discovery. For example, in 2016, he sold CD’s of the album ‘HBO (Haitian Body Odor)’ for $300.

Mach’s ability to eschew conventional thinking and methodology has been largely successful due to two ubiquitous factors. One, his undisputed lyrical and music genius and ability to consistently raise the bar, which has accrued advocacy from Jay-Z, Drake, Westside Gunn, Kevin Durant and The Alchemist, ex. Mach’s last project ‘Pray For Haiti’, is already being mentioned as an AOTY candidate. The second factor is Mach’s special and enduring rapport with his loyal and trusting investors; a collective that Mach also treats as shareholders in his career due to their unwavering support.

Though Mach’s walled garden is fundamental in the relationship with his shareholders, those without equity will now have access to the timeless catalog. Starting with ‘Mach’s Hard Lemonade’ in August 2020, he began to strategically release his past catalog on DSPs: ‘Fete Des Morts’, ‘Bulletproof Luh’, ‘HBO (Haitian Body Odor)’, & ‘Duck CZN: Chinese Algebra’. Now, he has also made ‘Notorious Dump Legends’ available on DSPs for the first time as well.

In ‘Notorious Dump Legends’, Mach-Hommy and The God Fahim collaborated on their most expansive work to date. Originally released in 2018, following the ‘Dollar Menu’ series in 2017, ‘Notorious Dump Legends’ features contributions from Earl Sweatshirt, Nicholas Craven, Sadhu Gold, & The Architect.

While old and new fans stream ‘Notorious Dump Legends’ for the first time, remember to revisit ‘Pray For Haiti’. From the day it was released, Mach has donated 20% of all proceeds from streaming, merch, and live performance to the PRAY FOR HAITI TRUST FUND, which is being used to finance computer science education in Haiti—more specifically coding. “The language of tomorrow is coding, or software programming, and I want to see Haiti as a major player in the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE global employment markets within the next 20-years. I want to help create a University that can train the new leaders of tomorrow” Mach-Hommy asserts. “I want to help Haiti build a strong future with this contribution. I believe that we can make something happen, even if it’s brick by brick, and school by school. Imagine if every year one black celebrity adopted one school in Haiti. Shit would be a wrap.”

Mach-Hommy will also be releasing a new album on 11.26.2021 with details soon to come.

Notorious Dump Legends‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Sportsmen
  2. Bag Bag
  3. Toothsome
  4. Baleen Pocketknife [Produced by Earl Sweatshirt]
  5. Fud [Produced by The Architect]
  6. Olympic Fishes
  7. Foreword [Produced by Sadhu Gold]
  8. Army Surplus
  9. Halcyon Days
  10. Black $ [Produced by Nicholas Craven]
  11. Tracey Morgan
  12. Survival Patch

Unless noted, all other tracks are produced by Tha God Fahim

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