Lyric Jones Performs “Face To Face” Live On Sway In The Morning

Lyric Jones Performs "Face To Face" Live On Sway In The Morning

Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based artist Lyric Jones gets crazy love after “Face To Face” live performance on Sway In The Morning.

It has been two years since the Sway In The Morning team have been allowed back in the Sirius XM studio, and the first guest, Lyric Jones, is no stranger.

The rapper, songwriter, DJ, and teacher has been on the Doomsday Cypher, Friday Fire Cypher, 5 Fingers Of Death, and just all around regular on Sway In The Morning.

And as the first in-studio guest of 2022, she stops by and performs “Face To Face” live off her latest album ‘Closer Than They Appear‘.