Listen To The ‘Megacorp’ Podcast Here…

Listen To The 'Megacorp' Podcast Here...

“Megacorp”, the new podcast from Cool Zone Media, pulls back the curtain on Amazon.

From iHeart Podcast Network’s Cool Zone Media comes a new original podcast called “Megacorp”, an investigative podcast series exposing some of the world’s most unethical corporations.

The podcast premiered today (12.1.2021), with new episodes releasing weekly on Wednesdays.

Episode 1:Ground Floor At The Amazon Warehouse

In this first episode, we’ll be starting at the ground floor, with the most important employees holding everything together—the warehouse workers. We’ll hear what it’s like to work long shifts whilst being constantly monitored and timed in the toilet.

Cool Zone Media will release several seasons of “Megacorp” throughout the year, and each season will focus on a different corporation — in the first season, the show’s host investigates Amazon. Some not so shocking statistics revealed throughout the first episode include that on average Amazon employees work 10-12 hour shifts and pick up workers are expected to process 300 items per hour. Staff are constantly filmed in the warehouses, their toilet breaks are timed, and they receive only two 15 minute breaks for their entire shift. It’s been uncovered that injury percentages at some warehouses are worse than at steel refineries and saw mills. All of this and more is revealed in just the first 3 minutes of episode 1.

Megacorp is hosted by Jake Hanrahan, an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK. He primarily covers conflict, crime, and politics all over the world, reporting from Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Palestine, and more.

Listen To The 'Megacorp' Podcast Here...

About Jake Hanrahan
Jake Hanrahan is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK. He covers conflict, crime, and politics all over the world, and his investigative reporting has won a duPont award. He also makes documentaries, writes articles, and takes photos. Jake has worked for HBO, VICE News, Esquire, Frontline PBS, ProPublica, Harpers, BBC News, The Guardian, Wired, and more. He has reported from Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, southeast Turkey, Palestine, Karabakh, Peru, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, and more. Primarily his focus is on irregular warfare, but he also covers organized crime and extremist politics. He works mostly as a correspondent and producer. Jake founded and runs Popular Front, a grassroots conflict journalism platform.

About Cool Zone Media
Cool Zone Media is a podcast network helmed by investigative journalist Robert Evans and executive producer Sophie Lichterman, with a mission to build a brighter future through storytelling from vital voices. The network is named for a phrase popularized in 2020, “The Cool Zone”, used to describe periods of history where anything appears possible – for better or worse. With more than 100 million downloads across its podcasts, Cool Zone Media chronicles the divisive truths of the past and present with a message to bring about a better, more informed future. Current slate includes: “After The Revolution”, “Behind The Bastards”, which ranks among the top 10 most downloaded shows across the iHeart Podcast Network; “Behind The Insurrectionists”, “Behind The Police”, “Hood Politics with Prop”, “It Could Happen Here”, “Q Clearance: The Hunt For QAnon”, “Uprising: A Guide To Portland”, “The Women’s War”, “Worst Year Ever”, and “Assault On America”. Cool Zone Media is distributed through the iHeart Podcast Network.