LION BABE Sings Mos Def's 'Umi Says'

LION BABE Sings Mos Def’s ‘Umi Says’

"We've spent 2020 writing new music and creating in response to the heightened pain and injustice black lives have been experiencing. Music has been our refuge. We have turned to the artists that have provided wisdom, encouragement and energy to help us get through it.

Our NEW record is our offering of Yasiin Bey's classic "UMI SAYS".

The song inspired us to bring it new life, the message however remains the same. FREEDOM for BLACK PEOPLE. We all are finding our own ways to participate in the revolution and for us it is with music.

As independent artists and business owners, wanted to use whatever reach and influence we have to add to this cause.

With your help, we will be donating the first 2 million streams on @Spotify to the NAACP 's Legal Defense Fund.

After researching, we were moved by the clarity and strategy their President, Sherriyln Ifill who spoke about the history of injustice built into our system, but more importantly, her knowledge on the steps needed to change our laws and hold people accountable. We hope this song lifts your spirit, and know that by listening and sharing this record, you are helping to support the protection of black lives.

Honored to have collaborated on this collage with the visionary Delphine Diallo on the cover art." –LION BABE