LION BABE Drops ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Single + Announces ‘Around The World, At Home’ Virtual World Tour

LION BABE Drops ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Single + Announces ‘Around The World, At Home’ Virtual World Tour

New York-based duo LION BABE–comprised of singer/songwriter Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman–have released their brand new single ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Meshing Jillian’s seductive vocals and mesmerizing lyricism with melodic strings, building to a dreamy, lo-fi Hip-Hop production from Lucas, the single puts a unique, wistful twist on a classic story about a love no more.

Speaking on the track, LION BABE said:

’Can’t Get Enough’ explores the idea of reveling in heartbreak. It’s about the addictive cycle of replaying our life choices and vices.’

The follow-up to last year’s ‘Cosmic Wind’ album and its visual series which concluded last week, the track comes ahead of LION BABE’s just announced ‘Around The World, At Home’ virtual global tour, which sees the band partnering with live music venues and promoters around the globe to bring virtual, live performances to a city near you! Each performance is free, and will stream via a select music venue’s Instagram channel per region, set to private for a more localized and personal experience, and will feature an opening performance by Danish, Grammy-nominated artist Kwamie Liv. The virtual run is set to include limited edition, commemorative merchandise, a sneak peek at new music, as well as a virtual meet-and-greet hosted on the same, respective channels a week prior to each performance. There is also a unique opportunity for fans and viewers to connect and share this experience with online dating matches around the world.

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During these interesting times, we felt it was more important now than ever to give fans from around the world an intimate, localized experience. Incorporating the element of virtual dating to bring fans closer together to share a unique moment to create memories for people to talk about.” –le’Roy Benros, LION BABE Manager: First Access

To effectively engage fans in six continents, it was key to create a fluid fan experience that we customized and made available in seven languages.” –Karla Ortiz, VP Marketing: Vydia

LION BABE’s second album ‘Cosmic Wind’, released in 2019, offered stand out singles ‘Western World’ which pulled inspiration from the Pet Shop Boys timeless song ‘West End Girls’ and featured hip-hop legend Raekwon, and the disco-infused bop ‘The Wave’ featuring Leikeli47. The 15-track album is an introspective turn, highlighting the duo’s growth socially, physically, lyrically; musically!

Following the ‘Cosmic Wind’ three-part visual series, including the ‘Sexy Please’ official video in February and ‘Different Planet’ & ‘Cosmic Wind’ official videos in March in conjunction with the album’s one-year anniversary, LION BABE released an encore video ‘Into Me’ last week, to conclude the series. These visuals reflect the “mood and feeling of the album. ‘Cosmic Wind’ is about finding one’s self when faced with inevitable change and these visuals bring those ideas to life. They celebrate the quest to be free and are connected with the nature of life along with natural inclination as humans to be imaginative and visualize a beautiful way to move through the world.”

LION BABE Drops ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Single + Announces ‘Around The World, At Home’ Virtual World Tour