Lil Herb aka G Herbo Refuses To Support ‘#ChiRaq’ Movie If It’s Not ‘Making A Difference’

1st Trailer For @SpikeLee's '#ChiRaq' Movie [#ChiRaqTheMovie]

Lil Herb will be the first to admit that he has yet to see Spike Lee’s controversial trailer for upcoming film “Chi-Raq.” G Herbo offered his thoughts on the project during his sit-down radio interview with the Sway In The Morning Show crew:

“I ain’t seen the trailer yet. I been seeing a lot of feedback on Instagram from a lot of people. I don’t know what the trailer was too much about. It was kinda like bad feedback. My opinion on the movie – cause I don’t know the basis of what it’s about or what he covering – but I just feel like if it ain’t really about… because it’s a real problem in Chicago, and it’s with the youths. If it ain’t about making a difference or coming to change… because I come from youth centers and stuff like that. That’s what I did to keep myself out of trouble. That’s what I plan on doing to reach out to the shorties when I get to a certain point in my career for where I can do that. If the movie ain’t about making a difference, I don’t want to feed too much into it. …Even if he reached out to me to be a part of it – if it wasn’t the right concept – I wasn’t interested in it really.”

Lil Herb recently responded to a fan’s question on Twitter regarding his thoughts on the project.

“Regardless To How I Feel Good Or Bad.. It’s Not Gone Stop The Movie From Comin Out And It’s Not Gone Pay Me,” he wrote.

Spike Lee has been battling criticism he received for what many felt was an unimpressive film trailer.

Spike explained his reasoning for including comedic scenes in his film...

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