Lil Cease Speaks On Biggie Smalls Taking Shots At 2Pac On The Song "The Ugliest"

Lil Cease Speaks On Biggie Smalls Taking Shots At 2Pac On The Song “The Ugliest”

A lot of ancient history will be included in this post so bear with us lol.

A few years back (2019 to be exact), Nas was on Drink Champs speaking on a song from Biggie Smalls–titled "The Ugliest"–that had Biggie himself taking shots at 2Pac as a response to the 1996 diss track "Hit Em Up".

What makes it even more interesting was said song was supposed to include featured vocals from Nas and Busta Rhymes.

With all that in mind, Lil Cease makes an attempt to give his perspective on said song in a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue which you can give a watch below…

As Busta Rhymes was mentioned earlier, "The Ugliest"–which also includes featured vocals from members of the Flipmode Squad–was supposed to appear on his 1996 debut solo album 'The Coming' but it would never come to be.

The J Dilla (RIP)-produced track (which would be 1 of his [Dilla] earlier beats produced at that time) was taken off Busta's album because he didn't want any smoke with Pac at that time.

For anybody that has yet to give "The Ugliest" a listen, you'll get your opportunity to do so below…

If Biggie's verse sounds familiar to anybody listening to the song, it is because the verse would later be recycled on a track called "Dangerous MC's" which ironically happens to include new verses from Busta Rhymes as well as featured vocals from now ex-Bad Boy Records artist Mark Curry and Snoop Dogg.

"Dangerous MC's" would later find it's way to Biggie's 1999 posthumous compilation album 'Born Again'.

You can give the result of that track a listen below…