Lexy Panterra Speaks On Tyler Perry, New Music, Fitness, & More

Lexy Panterra Speaks On Tyler Perry, New Music, Fitness, & More

Not too long ago, singer Lexy Panterra made her VannDigital debut with her new single “Fall“. Following the single, she reached out to us to chop it up about said single & other topics. For details on that & more, you can get into what was recently discussed below…

VannDigital: So, how are you holding up in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Lexy Panterra: The best I’ve ever felt!? Am I allowed to say that? LOL I’ve learned so much about me. I’m super excited to go into the “real“ world even more prepared!

What made you want to become a singer?

Mannnnn, my little girl dreams.

How did you hook-up with Dani Leigh?

My friend, who is a producer, produced most of her songs and he has known her forever. I found out and I asked him to put in a good word for me. Then, I talked to her mom and we made a great deal!

Tell us about your new single “Fall”.

The song’s about hiding the truth at first and then realizing it’s best to just fall in love and give in.

Do you have an album in the works at the moment?

That’s the question I’ve been waiting for. Why yes, thanks for asking 😉 lol it’s called ‘THE SAVAGERY’. Ready this summer. Single comes out next week.

How did you become part of Tyler Perry’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween” series?

My now friend Yousef got cast for his movie. They needed another character to fit a role and he suggested me. Then, I got a call from Tyler Perry himself. I’m pretty sure I was at planned parenthood.

Seeing that you are a former motocross racer, do you see yourself competing in the AMA Motocross Championship in the future?

Woah, that would be sick. But I just fell off of a four-wheeler and messed my hand up so it might take me a couple of weeks but I definitely thought of getting back into it for fun but I don’t think professionally.

How did you get into the fitness world and while we are on the subject, how did you come up with the “TwerkOut” dance method?

Well, my father got me a personal trainer for some reason when I was 19. Not sure if he had some weird obsession with his daughter and getting a fat LMFAO wow … I’ve always been active and athletic and in sports and cheerleading and etc. so I guess working out was just a part of my life growing up. So when music wasn’t working out, I was deciding to become a personal trainer and then I actually didn’t get that job. I was super upset about it because I felt like I had nothing else to do. That’s when I magically in my mind grew my child, TwerkOut. It saved my life in a way.

Do you have any films and/or TV shows in the works at the moment?

Umm, I don’t think I do actually. I’ve been focused on my music. But I would love to get into it more!

When can the people expect the music video for “Fall”?

I don’t know if I will make one. I have visuals for my new project coming. Can’t wait for you to seeeeee! Virgin Lex signing out!