Leroy Biggs feat. Eddie Valero “Howdy Howdy” (Video)

Leroy Biggs feat. Eddie Valero "Howdy Howdy" (Video)

Country rapper Leroy Biggs releases single & video “Howdy Howdy”.

Country rapper Leroy Biggs has officially signed with Street Flavor Records/MNRK for the release of his new single and video for “Howdy Howdy“.

The booming production on the track comes from Lorenzo Cole and Sonny Paradise (Jelly Roll) and the video was directed by Drake McGuire from Reeliverse.

‘Howdy Howdy’ is like an informal greeting. For me, it’s like a greeting from myself to a bigger, broader audience,” chuckles Leroy about the track. “We were able to mix together a little bit of that Nashville flavor and some country into what I do on this one.”

Leroy Biggs continues talking about his recent label signing, “I feel like it’s the first time somebody’s taken me seriously. I’ve only ever worked with childhood friends so for a bigger company like MNRK and for a mogul like Mr. Grunblatt to take interest in something I delivered, really upped the ante on this one. Something I’m doing has a rollout plan, a budget, a photoshoot and just all this other behind-the-scenes work going into it to push this thing to the next level.”

Leroy Biggs feat. Eddie Valero "Howdy Howdy" (Video)

In a very short span, Leroy Biggs has taken the country rap world by storm by being himself and letting the authenticity of his life speak through his music.

Growing up on a steady intake of ‘90s-era hip-hop, mixed against the juxtaposition of classical music and his southern upbringing has made him somewhat of a musical melting pot that earned him the title of “Pond Creek’s Hustler”.

Since the release of his debut album ‘Album Number One’ in 2019, Leroy has been flexing his lyrical abilities for anyone that would take notice.

In 2021, he teamed up with Kentucky country rap duo Twang & Round for the ‘Lost Highway’ EP, which propelled him into the release of his viral single “Party On Pond Creek”, which turned heads with the sexualized redneck video that continues to march towards a million views.

The buzz finally caught the attention of country rap’s elite Upchurch, who then guested on his 2022 album ‘Creek Thang’ on the song “Pull Up”, which has gone on to stack up over 500,000 spins on Spotify.