Legendary DJ Kid Capri (@KidCapri101) Lands Cover Of @MixshowPrime Magazine

Legendary DJ Kid Capri (@KidCapri101) Lands Cover Of @MixshowPrime Magazine

Mixshow Prime Magazine: What was it like growing up in the Bronx, in a time period when Hip Hop was at its infancy?

Kid Capri: That's where Hip Hop all started, I mean I grew up right down the street from where it started out. I lived on Kingsbridge, grew up on Kingsbridge. It pretty much started in the South Bronx on Cedar Ave in Cedar Park. So from being right there as a little kid, it's just amazing to watch it grow and grow up with it.

Perhaps being a product up Hip Hop, led you to start DJing at a young age. How did you get others to take you seriously?

I pretty much took myself seriously. Back then, it was no money in it. We were all little kids trying to do it big. The bigger kids would watch me on milk crates doing these things that no one taught me how to do. As I got older, everyone departed from DJing and I just stayed with it. I just knew at some point that I was gonna be big at something.

As a kid evolving with a new culture, did even realize that Hip Hop would make it this far?

At the time, I didn't think that way even though everyone was saying it was a fad. Then there was a point where it became more than a fad and it became the number one thing in music. I mean it outsold rock! I didn't see it becoming such a phenomenon to where Hip Hop artist are actors and actresses and got all these different companies and all these major things artist like Jay Z are doing. I'm glad to see what happened to it, but I didn't see it like that.

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