Lead Vocalist Di Reed Of R&B Group Jade Issues Statement On 90s Kickback Concert

Lead Vocalist Di Reed Of R&B Group Jade Issues Statement On 90s Kickback Concert

Lead vocalist Di Reed of R&B group Jade takes the time out to issue the following statement on the upcoming “90s Kickback Concert”.

Lead vocalist Di Reed, an original member of the R&B group Jade, will not be appearing with the other members of Jade at the scheduled “90s Kickback Concert” scheduled for Saturday, November 27 at James L Knight Center in Miami, FL and Friday, December 3 at Arena Theatre in Houston, TX.

The group is well-known for its hit songs “Don’t Walk Away” (U.S. No. 2), “One Woman”, and “I Wanna Love You”, featured in Kid ‘n Play’s 1992 cult-classic comedy “Class Act”, from their platinum-selling 1992 debut album, ‘Jade to the Max’.

Reed commented, “While I wish Joi and Tonya the best on their upcoming venture, it is with great sadness that I was not included as part of these upcoming show dates. Our fans mean the world to me, and when people hear the name Jade, they are correct to assume I’m involved, so I wish I had been asked to participate. No matter what’s going on, when it comes to my fans, I will always be there, as I attempted to do this time for these upcoming shows. Make no mistake, their regrouping is NOT reestablishing Jade. As co-owners, no one can hire or fire anyone in the trio we made famous in the early ’90s. I am here as a permanent and active member of Jade, and with our 30th anniversary coming up, I look forward to hitting the stage once again with my girls. With your support, it is my hope that all will be restored. As opportunities continue to unfold, I will be focused on performing and using my years of experience on an industry business venture sharing my craft and passion to mentor and inspire the next generation of aspiring artists. Be well.”

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