Lamar Odom On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

Lamar Odom On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

On the second episode of “People’s Party”, Kweli sits down with former NBA star, celebrity, and public figure Lamar Odom. They discuss being famous vs infamous, taking advice from Jay Z, living in the spotlight, addiction, and Lamar’s relationship with Kanye West as well as the Kardashians.

Key Timings:

  • 2:19 | Lamar talks about “being honest” and the therapy involved in writing his book.
  • 7:02 | Lamar gets real about the advice he got from Jay-Z on starting a record label.
  • 10:40 | Lamar opens up about Kanye West — “That’s my brother forever. He helped me wake up.”
  • 12:43 | Lamar and Kweli discuss the importance of black men discussing mental health openly.
  • 13:30 | Lamar talks about ketamine as a form of therapy. “I never used intravenous drugs… But fuck it, I’m into getting better.”
  • 14:08 | Fame and the idea of being “famous” vs. “infamous.”
  • 18:10 | “How did you perform at that high level, while being addicted?” Lamar talks about balancing basketball and addiction.
  • 19:45 | Lamar speaks about using a fake penis to take a drug test for the Olympics.
  • 23:10 | Kweli and Lamar discuss the “ownership” system of the NBA and how it has echoes of slavery.
  • 29:00 | Lamar opens up about reality TV and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. “It was love after 28 days.”
  • 30:50 | Lamar on women and Khloe: “They [women] got more aggressive… because I think it’s a woman that they look up to.”
  • 31:45 | Lamar talks about his love for the Phillippines. “I want to go down there and play professionally.”
  • 33:40 | Lamar’s co-writer on his book enters the show and asks about regrets.
  • 36:40 | Lamar opens up about the claim in his book of having slept with more than 2,000 women.
  • 37:20 | Kweli and Lamar talk about the double standard of “how many people have you slept with?”
  • 40:25 | After the credits, Kweli talks J Cole and Kendrick.

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