Lamar Odom Comes Out Of Coma & Is Now Speaking

Lamar Odom Back In 9.26.2013 [Press Photo]

Lamar Odom may have gotten the miracle his loved ones have been praying for. Several news outlets, including E! News, are reporting the former NBA player has emerged from his coma and even communicated with his wife Khloé Kardashian, making eye contact with her and saying "hey baby" while giving her a thumbs up. Odom is also reportedly breathing without the aid of a ventilator.

Earlier today, BET News reported that Odom's heart began responding, raising hopes for his survival. Doctors said Odom's heart functioning is "much better" than yesterday and that it's a good sign of improvement that a critical organ is responding. It was also reported that he squeezed Kim Kardashian's hand at some point last night and may have asked to see his kids.

As of last night, Odom was breathing through a ventilator with virtually no chance of recovery, and his family was preparing for the end. A family source told TMZ that Odom was in "dire straights" and was "entirely unresponsive" on Thursday.

Odom experienced multiple organ failure due to heavy drug use during his three-day binge at a Nevada brothel. His condition had been steadily deteriorating since he was admitted on Tuesday night, giving doctors few options and leaving a tough decision in the hands of his wife, Khloe. Looks like the doctors made a miracle happen now that Lamar is awake and spoke.

Odom's family, including his father, Joe, his ex-wife, Liza Morales, and their two children, Destiny and Lamar Jr., arrived at his side on Thursday. Several of Odom's celebrity friends, including Kobe Bryant and Rev. Jesse Jackson, have visited the hospital. Others have expressed their sentiments to the press and on social media. Odom's former teammate Metta World Peace told E! News, "Hopefully he gets well, hopefully he pulls out of this thing, and get the support that he really needs. And that's pretty much all I really have to say."