@KyleLettman Has A 'Crush' On Her
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@KyleLettman Has A ‘Crush’ On Her

Kyle Lettman is taking it back to the R&B sounds we know & love with super-laid back tones of Reggae in brand new track “Crush”. The smooth singer shows off his passion for both singing & songwriting for this hot under the collar, sexy single.

Kyle is no stranger to the limelight, having previously being in male group Fundamental who toured the U.S. & had many a success there. Now focusing on his own career, the singer is into his second solo EP ‘Under Construction’ which this single will be on, along with the remake of Artful Dodger’s Garage classic “Moving Too Fast” featuring rapper Scorcher. Normally you don’t mess with a classic, but Kyle did and the outcome was incredible across radio & online being supported by the BBC, Kiss, & Capital networks.

Kyle’s ability to blend & fuse sounds such as Garage, Reggae, and R&B keeps him fresh & unlike any other singer in the UK, and is why the top tastemakers have jumped on board to support him since the beginning of his solo career.

Under Construction’ will show Kyle at his best and doing what he loves, pure, undiluted R&B straight from the heart with no attempts to make it commercial – just straight realness.