Klaus Layer - Society Collapse [Beat Tape Stream]

Klaus Layer - Society Collapse [Beat Tape Artwork]

'Society Collapse' is Klaus Layer's fourth full-length album since 2013 and possibly his greatest musical achievement to date. Two years in the making, Klaus reveals an instrumental concept album full of genre-defying arrangements and hidden layers that will reward the listener over repeated plays. In just three years since his vinyl debut, Klaus has earned himself a reputation as Germany's most prolific and unique Hip-Hop conductor yet and this record will only further solidify that.

"In a society where unsettling truths about responsibility are given little thought, and short-sighted impulses have become commonplace, it’s easy to become disillusioned, but it gets a little harder when what we’re looking at are the bricks with which to build the future. There is never a time without consequence; history provides a resource of successes, failures and reflection. Eras of change ebb and flow and ours is once again uniquely positioned to cultivate an understanding of this interaction between the past and present to act upon what comes next.

This record is a musical manifesto for reclaiming that awareness, personal choice and inspiration for progression.” -Klaus Layer

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