Kingdom Kome feat. Che Uno & Asun Eastwood “Buen Provecho” (Video)

Kingdom Kome feat. Che Uno & Asun Eastwood “Buen Provecho” (Video)

Kingdom Kome shares the official music video for his new single, “Buen Provecho”, featuring Che Uno and Asun Eastwood.


That’s the English equivalent of “Buen Provecho” the title of Kingdom Kome’s newest video/single.

Produced by long-time collaborator RUEN, the smoky instrumental gives a backdrop for the emcee to flex on as well as guest collaborators Che Uno and Asun Eastwood.

Speaking on the genesis of the track, Kingdom said “I wanted to make sure I had a drum less joint on the album, even when we were working on this beat Ruen kept wanting to add drums to it. I caught a vibe to it and wanted it stripped to the bare bones so that the words and feeling could be felt more. The translation for ‘Buen Provecho’ would be Cheers in English, so this is like a celebratory feeling captured on wax.

The video only captures Kingdom Kome’s verse but the trio already have plans to film another joint together in the coming months.

Kingdom Kome feat. Che Uno & Asun Eastwood “Buen Provecho” (Video)

“Buen Provecho” is the second single from the second collaborative LP with RUEN entitled ‘Malbec 2‘ (to drop on 7.19.2024).

Another single from the project, “Crush Grapes”, also recently dropped.

In regard to working with RUEN, he added the following “I feel like I have different chambers and vibes I tap into depending on what producer or artist I’m working with at that specific time. Since RUEN is my DJ and longest working producer, I feel like we have developed a very signature sound together. He has an amazing ear and can go from some really grimey boom bap records to trap to R&B, dancehall and club records effortlessly, regardless of the record his signature drums always are hard hitting and I feel like with ‘Malbec 2’, we are both in our prime and it’s my most well rounded project to date!

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