Killa Bars (@KayMoneyMalone) – All Bars Matter (Dir. @NimiHendrix) [Video]

Killa Bars (@KayMoneyMalone) - All Bars Matter (Dir. @NimiHendrix) [Video]

New Jersey natives Kay Money Malone & Quindo Blaze, who make up the group Killa Bars, release their debut single/video "All Bars Matter". The duo came together and formed a group with the purpose of working together to reach their goals.

Produced by Robin Wesley, "All Bars Matter" is a play on the term "All Lives Matter" and perfectly ties in today's problems with police brutality and the use of excessive force stemming from racial prejudice & stereotyping.

"Many of us face this adversary on an every day basis and we are sharing our experiences with you through rhythm and rhyme" –Kay Money Malone