Keyshia Cole To Pay $100K For Giving Beatdown To Birdman’s Alleged Girlfriend

Keyshia Cole back in 2011 [Press Photo]

Keyshia Cole will have to cut a check for allegedly fighting a woman she thought was dating Birdman. In 2014, Cole entered a Los Angeles-based condo owned by rap mogul Birdman. The singer accused Birdman of cheating on her and decided to attack a woman who was in the condo with Birdman and several other people.

Sabrina Mercadel, who apparently grew up with Birdman, was confronted Cole who eventually attacked her. Cole reportedly punched, clawed, and yanked Mercadel’s hair. Mercadel allegedly lost the use of a finger due to the attack.

Mercadel decided to sue Cole for $4 million. During the court hearing, Cole was a no-show and the judge decided to rule in Mercadel’s favor.

Cole will now have to pay $100,635 to Mercadel.

The court’s ruling is a double blow for Cole. Birdman dumped her after the fight and is currently in a relationship with Toni Braxton.